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Best Retrovirology Paper by a Young Scientist Award

Retrovirology annually awards young scientists conference fellowships and travel bursaries as they present their research at conferences. As the COVID-19 pandemic has largely disrupted the conference schedule in 2020 and 2021 worldwide, and possibly beyond, Retrovirology Editors and BMC would like to continue to award outstanding young scientists.

The Best Retrovirology Paper by a Young Scientist Award is being created to award young researchers who have published a paper in Retrovirology in the previous 2 years that made a significant contribution to the field.

Nomination process

Nominations should be submitted via email by clicking here. The nomination call is open between 31 January and 6 March 2024. Late nominations will not be accepted. Nominations can be made by anyone, including article co-authors, and self-nominations are also permitted. All nominations will be treated as confidential. The chair can choose to carry over nominations from past years.

Nominations of individuals from under-represented groups are encouraged.

Nominations should include:

  • Details of the article published in Retrovirology, including a statement clearly explaining the key scientific contributions to the field that have been made by the nominee in the published article. The contribution may be related to fundamental mechanisms of retrovirus replication, host-pathogen interactions, immune responses to retroviruses, development of animal models and clinical science related to retroviruses. A single key scientific contribution is sufficient. 
  • A full CV, including a list of publications.


  • Be no more than 5 years past the PhD, MD or other advanced degree
  • Be first or shared first author of a Research article accepted for publication in Retrovirology between 1 July 2021 and 31 December 2023.

Selection criteria for the Prize

Nominations are evaluated by the Best Retrovirology Paper by a Young Scientist Award committee of 6 members, consisting of members of the Retrovirology Editorial board. Committee members cannot be nominated for the award during their tenure as assessors of the Best Retrovirology Paper by a Young Scientist Award.

The Committee members will discuss the nominations. Originality, scientific rigor and potential impact in the field and beyond will be assessed and then the voting process is carried out by secret ballot using a ranking method. The nominee with the highest tally wins. If a tie occurs, then a second round of voting will occur.


500 GBP cash prize.