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The KT Jeang Retrovirology prize 2017

Retrovirology awards the annual KT Jeang Retrovirology Prize to recognise outstanding achievements in the field by mid-career scientists, older than 45 but younger than 60. Nominees are evaluated by the Retrovirology Editors in what is always a very tight contest. The winner, who receives a trophy and a cheque of 2000 GBP, is announced in the journal with an accompanying editorial that briefly outlines the winner's achievements. Although we maintain strict confidentiality about nominees who did not win, many of them are also outstanding scientists who may well receive the prize in the future, testament to how much the Retrovirology Prize is truly valued by our community.

Past winners are: S. Goff (2005), J. Sodroski (2006), K. Beemon (2007), B. Berkhout (2008), T. Heidman (2009), M. Malim (2010), M. Matsuoka (2011), M. Benkirane (2013), P. Bieniasz (2015) and F. Kirchhoff (2016).

It is with great pleasure that we announce the 2017 winner: Michael Emerman.

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26 June 2017