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Thematic series

Applications of CRISPR-Cas and genome editing techniques for established and emerging infectious diseases
Edited by Ben Berkhout and Fatah Kashanchi

The Capsid Protein, a Master Regulator of HIV-1 Replication
Edited by Felipe S Diaz-Griffero    

HIV in Low and Middle-Income Countries: Addressing scientific gaps
Edited by Ritu Gaur and Thumbi Ndung’u

HIV Intervention Using Mouse Models for Viruses
Edited by J Victor Garcia-Martinez and Angela Wahl

HTLV-1: a re-emerging human pathogen
Genoveffa Franchini and Cynthia Masison

Endogenous Retroviruses in Evolution and Disease
Cross-journal series with Mobile DNAEdited by the Editors-in-Chief of both journals.

Broadly neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs) against HIV
Edited by Rogier Sanders and Marit van Gils

Measuring HIV-1 persistence in vivo
Edited by Ben Berkhout and Alexander Pasternak

Disruptive technologies in retrovirus research
Edited by Johnson Mak

KT Jeang Retrovirology Prize

Cross journal collections

Day of Immunology 2015

Avian genomes collection

World AIDS Day 2013

HIV thirty years on

World AIDS Day 2012

Annual Journal Metrics