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Volume 6 Supplement 3

AIDS Vaccine 2009

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P19-18. Programme EVA centre for AIDS reagents: a resource for research and reference reagents and materials sharing


Programme EVA Centre for AIDS Reagents (EVA CFAR) is a reagent resource that provides well characterised research materials and standards to the HIV/AIDS community. The reagent programme is one of the longest continually funded programmes in Europe and supports projects based on the discovery and development of HIV/AIDS vaccines and other prevention strategies. Although considerable resources have been contributed by industry, government and academia to this end, identification of an efficacious HIV/AIDS vaccine has yet to be accomplished. In this effort, EVA CFAR continues to support basic, preclinical and clinical research for therapeutic and preventative strategies against HIV/AIDS.


Over the last two decades >4200 reagents have been deposited, several acquired through project partnerships. EVA CFAR actively participates in EC-supported projects including (i) FP6 Specific Support Action (Neutnet); (ii) FP6 AIDS Vaccine Integrated Project; (iii) FP6 European Vaccines and Microbicides Enterprise (Network of Excellence); (iv) FP7 project Next Generation HIV-1 Immunogens that induce broadly reactive neutralizing antibodies. The repository also collaborates with the Bill and Melinda Gates-funded project that is part of the Collaboration for AIDS Vaccine Discovery consortium.


The repository has long provided researchers with specialised reagents, many which are commercially unavailable and require customised production. The inventory available at includes cell lines, virus isolates, molecular clones, monoclonal/polyclonal antibodies, peptides, recombinant proteins and international standards and working reagents for antibody and nucleic acid-based assays. The enlargement of the repository is very much reliant on reagents being donated from individual laboratories, however if a resource is needed in a specific research area please contact Dr Meghna Ramaswamy or Mrs Sarah Goriup for information.


Programme EVA CFAR supports and facilitates the exchange of reagents to new and promising areas of work and encourages collaborative research and efforts aimed at standardisation of reagents and methodologies.

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