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Volume 6 Supplement 3

AIDS Vaccine 2009

P15-19. Evaluating community engagement efforts in a large, multi-site, global HIV vaccine trials network


Community engagement is vital to sustaining long-term commitment to the search for an effective HIV vaccine. Due to this central role, the HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN) has begun an initiative to better evaluate the diverse engagement occurring across its sites. The purpose of this presentation will be to describe the process used to develop our evaluation methods and to explore the evaluation design given the broader scope and mission of community engagement around HIV vaccine research.


In 2008 the HVTN formed a working group to lead the implementation of an evaluation system for its community engagement program. They examined the program, developed a program theory and logic model, designed initial measures, investigated software options, and made plans for a pilot.


We will present the logic model and metrics and describe a pilot program to test the model. Examination of the community engagement program identified two broad program components: community outreach and community partnerships. We will examine these two program components and present metrics that are based on our program theory. These metrics are both process indicators (new and ongoing activities, event attendance, and contact with community partners) and outcome indicators (knowledge among stakeholders, evidence of strengthened relationships with stakeholders, and stakeholder satisfaction with partnerships and community outreach).


This presentation will provide insight into an initiative to evaluate community engagement. We will discuss details of the processes, from cultivation of the dedicated working group to implementation of the pilot instrument. We will focus on the program logic model, explaining details of the program theory including how the outcome indicators will be operationalized into evaluable metrics. The intent of the logic model is one of generalizability across a large, multi-site, global network; organizations in attendance may find that its evolution and design resonate with their own community education goals.

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