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Study on the HIV drug resistance and its influencing factors in China


To investigate HIV drug resistance and its influencing factors, and then provide scientific evidence for antiretroviral therapy and reducing drug resistance.


Questionnaires and blood sample collection for drug resistance detection were conducted among 109 treated cases and 84 non-treated cases. Viral load was detected by NASBA and drug resistance was measured by nested PCR.


The viral load of 95 cases (27 treated cases and 68 non-treated cases) was more than 1 000 copies/ml. The rate of drug resistance of treated and non-treated group was 40.74% and10.29% respectively (see Table 1). The rate of different drug resistance was higher significantly in treated group than in no-treated group. However, the sensitive of different drug resistance was lower significantly in treated group than in no-treated group (see Table 2). Therapy schedule of 17 treated cases was stopped due to a variety of reasons, such as death, dizziness, liver damage, bellyache, et al (see Table 3). Except for five death cases, two suicides were discovered at 16 and 42 days respectively after stopping therapy.

Table 1 The results of drug resistance detection in 95 cases with AIDS
Table 2 The results of resistance detection of different drugs among 95 cases
Table 3 The reasons of stopping therapy


Antiviral therapy can effectively reduce the viral load and inhibit viral replication. Drug resistance exists differently among treated and non-treated HIV/AIDS cases. HIV gene mutation may be the key reason for drug resistance.

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