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The 2006 RetrovirologyPrize: call for nominations


Retrovirology announces a nomination call for its 2006 prize to recognize an outstanding mid-career retrovirologist. The 2005 Retrovirology prize was awarded to Dr. Stephen P. Goff.

This month Retrovirology completes two years of continuous publishing. At the 24 months juncture, we are pleased with the support and traction that we have achieved within our scientific community. Retrovirology is now tracked and indexed in all major bibliographic services including Medline, PubMed, Embase, and Thomson ISI; and citations in the literature to Retrovirology papers are increasingly numerous.

To our knowledge, we are the only journal focused on retrovirus research that is Open Access. Is that important? You bet! When you consider that we are a tightly focused publication serving a numerically small community, and you realize that Retrovirology is being accessed over 1740 times each week day and 1670 times each weekend day, then I believe you can appreciate the real demand for and the power of Open Access. As science moves increasingly toward globalization, Retrovirology embraces the timely and necessary concept that we have a responsibility to distribute scientific knowledge using an access model that transcends professional classifications, national boundaries, individual wealth, and accidents of birth.

In keeping with Retrovirology's goal to highlight high quality stringently reviewed science and to bring visibility to retrovirus research, the journal sponsors an annual Retrovirology Prize.

Nominations are being called for the 2006 RetrovirologyPrize

Last year Retrovirology began an annual prize to recognize an outstanding retrovirologist between the ages of 45 to 60 [1]. The Retrovirology Prize consists of an attractive crystal trophy (Figure 1), a $3,000 cash award, and a profile article of the winner published in Retrovirology about his/her scientific contributions to retrovirus research. The Retrovirology Prize is supported in part through a donation from the Ming K. Jeang Foundation (Figure 2), an educational foundation based in Houston, Texas, USA. Accordingly, the Prize is named the M. Jeang Retrovirology Prize.

Figure 1
figure 1

A photograph of the crystal trophy presented to Dr. Stephen P. Goff, winner of the 2005 M. Jeang Retrovirology Prize.

Figure 2
figure 2

Logo of the Ming K. Jeang Foundation which has made a donation to support the Retrovirology Prize.

In 2005, Dr. Stephen P. Goff of Columbia University, USA, was our winner [2]. We anticipate selecting an equally outstanding and accomplished scientist for 2006.

The selection process

As stated previously [1], the Prize alternates yearly between recognizing a non-HIV retrovirologist (2005 and odd years) and an HIV retrovirologist (2006 and even years). There can be some discretion on this criterion exercised from time-to-time by the selection committee. Any individual can initiate a nomination of others or self-nominate. A nomination includes a statement (1000 words or less) of the nominee's significant contributions to retrovirus research; a curriculum vitae of the nominee, and a statement by the nominator that the nominee has agreed to be nominated. The selection committee consists of the Editors of Retrovirology (currently, M. Benkirane, B. Berkhout, M. Fujii, K.T. Jeang, M. Lairmore, A. Lever, and M. Wainberg). All nominations submitted to the selection committee must be communicated through an Editorial Board member of Retrovirology. Hence, any individual who is not an Editorial board member who wishes to make a nomination should seek out a Retrovirology Editorial board member to communicate his/her information to the selection committee. A list of current Editorial Board members can be found at the Retrovirology website Within stipulated age limits, all Retrovirology Editors and Editorial Board members are eligible to be nominated with the exception of the Editor-in-Chief who will administer the final selection decision.

For 2006, nominations will begin April 1st and will close June 1st. I urge all members of our scientific community to participate in this process for recognizing a deserving colleague.


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I thank M. Benkirane, B. Berkhout, M. Fujii, M. Lairmore, A. Lever, and M. Wainberg, for critical readings of this editorial.

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