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Fig. 7

From: Replacement of feline foamy virus bet by feline immunodeficiency virus vif yields replicative virus with novel vaccine candidate potential

Fig. 7

Cats infected with wild-type FFV and FFV-Vif W/*1 developed FFV Gag-specific immunoreactivity. A GST-capture ELISA was performed to evaluate antibody response to FFV infection. a Anti-Gag antibody titers in WT cats on days 28, 42, 70, and 168 p.i. The dotted red line represents WT3, the outlier cat. Animals displayed rising levels of antibody by day 42 which either continued to increase over time or plateau. b Anti-Gag antibody titers in CH cats that were re-inoculated with wild-type (CH×WT, dotted lines) or FFV-Vif W/*1 chimera (CH×CH, solid lines). These cats similarly had increasing anti-Gag antibodies around day 42 that continued to increase or plateau following re-inoculation. In order to detect low-level reactivity, sera were assayed at a 1:50 dilution leading to some reactivities which were out of the linear range of the assay

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