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Fig. 1

From: The mouse viral outgrowth assay: avatars for the detection of HIV-1 reservoirs

Fig. 1

The MVOA amplifies replication competent HIV-1 or SIV following xenograft of samples from subjects or macaques with undetectable viral load. NSG or hu-HSC mice may act as recipient for donor PBMCs or purified CD4+ T cells. Sustained cytokine stimulation secondary to graft versus host disease in the xenografted mouse may be supplemented with exogenous activating anti-CD3 or anti-CD28 antibody treatment or a latency reversal agent, and CD8+ T cells may be depleted in the mouse to decrease targeted killing of infected cells within the xenograft. HIV-1 or SIV may be detected in the mouse plasma by qRT-PCR or other methods. The recipient mouse spleen may be cultured to confirm replication competency, and the virus may be sequenced to confirm origin

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