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Table 1 Selection of cellular interact ants of the IN•viral DNA complex

From: Modulation of chromatin structure by the FACT histone chaperone complex regulates HIV-1 integration

Protein name Protein family Protein complex Accession number Number of peptide
LEDGF/p75 Transcription PolII O75475 4
PFD3 (VBP1) Protein chaperone Prefoldin PFD F5H2A7 12
SMARCB1 (INI1) Transcription SWI/SNF B5MC5 3
BAF DNA binding/chromatin O75531 2
FEN1 DNA repair P39748 15
RAD51 DNA repair Q06609 7
SSRP1 Histone chaperone FACT E9PPZ7 10
SPT16 Histone chaperone FACT Q9Y5B9 31
IWS1 Transcription PolII E7EX51 2
SMARCC1 (BAF155) Transcription SWI/SNF Q92922 2
SMARCD1 (BAF60) Transcription SWI/SNF Q96GM5 2
  1. Cellular extracts from HeLa P4 cells were incubated with streptavidin beads coupled to fraction enriched in active IN•viral DNA complexes as shown in SI. The elution of the interacting proteins was loaded on 1256 SDS-PAGE gel stained with silver nitrate and the bands were excised from gel and submitted to electroelution. The selected proteins were identified by MS–MS. A list of proteins found only associated to IN•viral DNA complexes but not to control DNA alone and linked to chromatin or transcription is provided here. The number of peptides identified per protein is also reported. Selected proteins previously reported as playing a role in retroviral integration are underlined