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Fig. 1

From: A conflict of interest: the evolutionary arms race between mammalian APOBEC3 and lentiviral Vif

Fig. 1

A phylogenetic tree of lentiviral Vif. The names of the viral families (e.g., SIVgor, FIVfca and CAEV) and their strains (shown after under the bars; e.g., CP2135, TM219 and Roccaverano) are labeled on the tips. The hosts of the respective viruses are represented on the right of each branch with an illustration. The estimated CSTs and a recombination of PLVs are indicated with arrows. The circulations of FIVlru/FIVpco (in bobcats and puma) and CAEV/MVV (in goat and sheep as SRLV) in the wild are indicated with the double arrows. The scale bar indicates 0.4 amino acid substitutions per site

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