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Fig. 4

From: A mature macrophage is a principal HIV-1 cellular reservoir in humanized mice after treatment with long acting antiretroviral therapy

Fig. 4

Identification of progenitor CD34+ cells. Multi-color flow cytometric analysis was performed on spleen and BM cells from humanized NSG mice that were uninfected, infected with HIV-1ADA or infected and treated with 2ART or 4ART regimens. Cells from each tissue were incubated with labeled antibodies for the identification of CD34 and Lineage-1 cellular markers. Lin-CD34+ progenitor cells were determined by the expression of CD34 marker, excluding all Lineage-1 cells. Data were analyzed with FlowJo software. Mean ± SEM of 4–9 mice per treatment group were compared by one way ANOVA, and pairwise comparisons were determined by Fisher’s LSD post hoc test. P ≤ 0.05 compared with auninfected, binfected, or cinfected and treated with 2ART

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