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Fig. 6 | Retrovirology

Fig. 6

From: SL1 revisited: functional analysis of the structure and conformation of HIV-1 genome RNA

Fig. 6

Inspection of the functional roles of six-base palindrome at the hairpin loop region of SL1. a The nucleotides substituted in the mutants. Six-base palindrome (GCGCGC) was substituted by 6Gs (GGGGGG) or 6Cs (CCCCCC). b Growth kinetics of the mutants. In addition to the wild type and two mutants, a virus obtaining hetero-dimerized genome (6Gs × 6Cs) were produced by co-transfection with two plasmids and applied for infection of MT-4 cells. Representative viral growth curve with standard (left) and low moi (right) experiments were shown. c, d Packaging efficiency and dimerization ability of each mutant. The experiments were similarly performed as described in Figs. 1, 2

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