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Fig. 1

From: An HIV-1 capsid binding protein TRIM11 accelerates viral uncoating

Fig. 1

TRIM11 binds to HIV-1 capsid. a The in vitro assembled HIV-1 CA-NC protein was incubated with HA-antibody precipitated mixture from HEK293 cell lysates containing the indicated TRIM proteins, and an aliquot of the mixture was retained as input. After centrifugation through 70 % sucrose cushion, the pellet was resuspended in SDS sample buffer. The input and pellet were analyzed by Western blotting with an anti-HA antibody (to detect TRIM proteins) and an anti-p24 antibody (to detect CA-NC). b Similar experiment was carried out as described above with HEK293 cell lysates containing TRIM11-HA incubated with increasing amounts of in vitro assembled CA-NC. c Similar experiments were carried out as described above with TRIM11 purified from E. Coli. incubated with in vitro assembled CA-NC. d Cells expressing TRIM11-HA or TRIM5αhu-HA were infected with or without HIV-1. Four hours post infection, cells were fixed and applied to PLA assay. Nuclei were stained with DAPI (blue), and PLA was performed for the association between p24 and TRIM11 (red). Quantification of PLA signal was measured by the average spots per cell of 30 cells in each sample. Representative results from three separate experiments are shown

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