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Fig. 7

From: Mutagenesis of N-terminal residues of feline foamy virus Gag reveals entirely distinct functions during capsid formation, particle assembly, Gag processing and budding

Fig. 7

Mutations of specific residues in FFV Gag abolish its interaction with Elp. Cell lysates (CL) were prepared by transfecting 293T cells in 10 cm dishes with 8 µg of plasmid encoding Gag mutant (R32A, G36A, W38A, G39A, R43A, L51A or D53A) or wt Gag and used for protein pull down studies employing the recombinantly expressed cytosolic domain of Elp. Cells transfected with a plasmid encoding for wt Gag or an empty His-tag vector were used as positive or negative controls, respectively. The positions of FFV Gag p52 and His-tagged Elp are marked

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