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Fig. 4

From: HIV integration and the establishment of latency in CCL19-treated resting CD4+ T cells require activation of NF-κB

Fig. 4

The NF-κB binding site in the HIV LTR is needed for efficient integration in CCL19-treated resting CD4+ T cells. a Mutations introduced into either or both NF-κB binding sites of the HIV LTR. The number of integrated HIV copies (b) and 2-LTR circles (c) per million cells 4 days following infection of unactivated, CCL19-treated and PHA-IL2 activated CD4+ T cells with wild type NL4-3 or NL4-3 containing mutations in the NF-κB binding sites, at both sites (ΔNF-κB1,B2) or either the first (ΔNF-κB1) or second (ΔNF-κB2) site alone. The columns represent the mean copy number and the individual donors are shown as different symbols. The detection limit for the Alu-LTR was 300 copies/106 cells and is shown as a dashed line. The upper line and associated p value is for Kruskal–Wallis analysis of the four viruses and the lower line and p values shown as asterisks are for Mann–Whitney comparisons of two viruses or conditions. *p < 0.05, n = 4

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