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Fig. 4 | Retrovirology

Fig. 4

From: Utilization of HIV-1 envelope V3 to identify X4- and R5-specific Tat and LTR sequence signatures

Fig. 4

V3 domain of gp120 is enriched with statistically divergent positions. The 10 conserved and variable domains of gp120 were evaluated to determine if any regions were enriched in statistically divergent sites. A hypergeometric test was used to determine enrichment and depletion of statistically divergent positions, using the null hypothesis of equal distribution amongst domains. The V3 loop was identified as being highly enriched (P = 1.74 × 10−11), while the C1 domain (P = 3.03 × 10−4) and C2 domain (P = 1.28 × 10−4) were statistically depleted at P < 0.01 using a Benjamini–Hochberg multiple testing correction

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