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Table 1 miRNAs associated with Tat protein

From: The inhibition of microRNAs by HIV-1 Tat suppresses beta catenin activity in astrocytes

miRNA Fold enrichment Down regulated? β-Catenin Axonal guidance Glucocorticoid receptor signaling Nerve growth factor
let-7i 7.6E+00 Yes X X X X
miR-129-3p 2.5E+00 Yes X X X X
miR-132 1.7E+01    X X X
miR-135a 2.0E+02 Yes X X X X
miR-135b 2.6E+02 Yes X X X X
miR-140-5p 7.6E+01   X X X  
miR-181a 1.5E+02 Yes X X X X
miR-181b 1.4E+02 Yes X X X X
miR-181c 1.6E+02   X X X X
miR-216b 1.3E+01   X X X X
miR-376c 2.2E+01   X X X X
miR-499-3p 9.6E+01 Yes   X X X
miR-512-3p 5.1E+01   X   X  
miR-513c 1.2E+02   X X X  
miR-519d 7.2E+00   X X X X
miR-523 1.5E+02 Yes     
miR-524-3p 1.7E+02 Yes   X   
miR-539 6.1E+00 Yes X X X X