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Table 2 Serious adverse events (SAE) (phase I primary end point)

From: Intradermal injection of a Tat Oyi-based therapeutic HIV vaccine reduces of 1.5 log copies/mL the HIV RNA rebound median and no HIV DNA rebound following cART interruption in a phase I/II randomized controlled clinical trial

Volunteers Groups (µg) Events Timea Due to vaccine
No 2 11 Facial neuralgia M11 Possible
No 24 99 Diarrhea M3 Doubtful
No 36 99 Tuberculosis M3 Doubtful
No 41 33 Hernia hiatus repair M9 Not possible
No 47 33 Haemorrhoids D-7 Not possible
  1. aTime is expressed in months (M) after the first injection or in days (D) before the first injection