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Figure 4 | Retrovirology

Figure 4

From: Genome-wide amplification of proviral sequences reveals new polymorphic HERV-K(HML-2) proviruses in humans and chimpanzees that are absent from genome assemblies

Figure 4

Phylogeny of HERV-K(HML-2) LTRs. Neighbor-joining tree of LTRs from loci recovered using GAPS. Bootstrap values over 50% are shown. Individual LTRs are named according to the chromosomal location or the bibliographic name of the locus. 5′ and 3′ LTRs are indicated by 5 and 3. Solo LTRs by Solo. ♦ = Human specific.  = Chimp specific. ■ = Present in human, chimp and gorilla. □ = Present in human, chimp, gorilla and orangutan. HSA = human copy of LTR. PTR = chimp copy of LTR. Parentheses (}) highlight proviral loci that are also represented by a solo LTR.

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