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Figure 6

From: HIV-1 immune activation induces Siglec-1 expression and enhances viral trans-infection in blood and tissue myeloid cells

Figure 6

Siglec-1 positive cells accumulate in inflamed lymphoid tissues in areas enriched in CD4+ T cells. A. Siglec-1 expression on sections of tonsils surgically removed either due to acute tonsillitis (n = 3; inflamed) or obstructive hypertrophy (n = 3; non-inflamed). Graph show mean values and SEM. Representative staining images are depicted in the right panels (magnification 40x). B. Staining images of Siglec-1 on lymph nodes surgically removed from an HIV-1-infected individual under antiretroviral treatment. Four continuous sections were cut and labeled independently with the following panel: anti-Siglec-1, anti-CD4, anti-CD20 or hematoxilin/eosin. Top images show perivascular distribution of Siglec-1 positive cells and bottom images display a perifollicular and subcapsular distribution.

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