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Figure 4

From: Potent restriction of HIV-1 and SIVmac239 Replication by African Green Monkey TRIM5α

Figure 4

Flow cytometry analysis of SIV mac239 cell - to - cell challenge experiments. Representative analyses of 12-day mixed-cell cultures from three independent experiments are presented. (A). Gating of mixed cell cultures (from top to bottom) for single cells, side scatter height by area and forward scatter height by area plots, and for live cells, side scatter area by forward scatter area plots. An example of the gating of the input infected JR5G cells from the JR5 and TRIM5α cultures is presented in the bottom plot (the 5 × 105 cells SIV-JR5G and 5 × 105 JR5 mixed culture shown). (B). Flow cytometry analysis gating on the GFP cells in the mixed cultures are presented with SIV CA staining on the X-axis and GFP fluorescence in the Y-axis. Each series of 5 × 105 TRIM5α cultures are identified at left and the infected JR5G cells added are indicated over each challenge group.

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