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Figure 3

From: HIV-1 IN/Pol recruits LEDGF/p75 into viral particles

Figure 3

LEDGF/p75 is recruited by integrase (Pol) into the HIV-1 particle. (A-E) Western blot analysis of various, independently purified and subtilisin-treated virus preparations using specific antibodies to detect LEDGF/p75, IN or CA. (A) NL4.3 and NL4.3_INW131A produced in presence of ritonavir on 293T cells and purified. (B) NL4.3 produced in WT 293T cells (WT), 293T LEDGF/p75 KD cells complemented with either Flag-LEDGF/p75BC or Flag-LEDGF/p75BCD366N. (C) NL4.3 produced in 293T WT cells stably expressing either eGFP-LEDGF325–530 or eGFP-LEDGF325-530D366N. (D) NL4.3 produced in 293T cells in the presence of DMSO, CX05045, raltegravir or ritonavir (E) NL4.3_INA128T produced in the presence or absence of CX05045.

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