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Table 1 Experimental setup overview for the validation of the hits obtained from the genome-wide shRNA screening

From: Genome-wide shRNA screening identifies host factors involved in early endocytic events for HIV-1-induced CD4 down-regulation

  Genome-wide screening Validation 1 Validation 2
Cells HeLa CD4++ cl1022 HeLa CD4++ cl1022 SupT1
Format Pooled shRNA library Single shRNA Single shRNA
shRNA plasmid pSIF H1 SBI (System Biosciences) pLKO.1 (MISSION® Sigma Aldrich) pLKO.1 (MISSION® Sigma Aldrich)
CD4 down-modulation inducer LZRS-NA7 Nef-IRES-eGFP LZRS-NA7 Nef-IRES-eGFP HIV-1 NL4.3 eGFP