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Figure 2

From: Host and viral determinants for MxB restriction of HIV-1 infection

Figure 2

HIV-1 CA and sensitivity to MxB restriction. (A) Infectivities of CA mutant viruses normalized to the WT by input level of exogenous RT activity and expressed as percent of WT HIV-1 infection. (B) Sensitivity of the 17 CA single mutant viruses to MxB-HA, expressed as percent infection versus mock-transduced cells. The single letter codes along the bottom of the graph represent the WT residue at that position. (C) Normalized infectivities of 10 CA double mutant viruses relative to the WT. (D) Sensitivity of HIV-1 CA double missense mutant viruses (half black, half white filled circles) as compared to the parental single mutant viruses. Q63A alone was not tested. (E) Scatterplot comparing the sensitivity of CA missense mutant viruses to MxB-HA restriction with sensitivity to the rhesus TRIM5α TFP allele. (F) Pairwise comparison summary of MxB sensitivity with various CA-related manipulations of host cells, with Spearman rank correlation and P values denoted; see Additional file 1: Figure S1 for the corresponding scatterplots. Panel A-D results are averages of at least 6 independent experiments, with error bars denoting 95% confidence intervals.

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