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Figure 4

From: Reduced evolutionary rates in HIV-1 reveal extensive latency periods among replicating lineages

Figure 4

Dynamic modeling of ever-latent HIV-1 lineages. (A) Assuming neutral evolution most parameter regimes suggest that the vast majority of all HIV-1 lineages have been latent during their evolution. The heat map scale, blue to red, shows fraction of ever-latent (0.0-1.0) in an untreated patient after 10 years of infection within previously described parameter ranges for the fraction of HIV-1 that become deposited into the latent pool, the half-life of the latent pool, and the activation rate of latent HIV-1 back into the replicating population. (B) Assuming differential fitness costs for ever-latents and never latents, the fraction ever-latents surviving is reduced compared to a neutral model. The fitness plots were generated assuming a half-life of 10 months.

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