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Figure 3

From: Rapid, repeated, low-dose challenges with SIVmac239 infect animals in a condensed challenge window

Figure 3

Viral loads were measured in SIV-challenged animals. Plasma vRNA per ml of plasma. a) in two pilot animals challenged by RRLD and b) in ten animals that received cells from donor macaques and were then challenged using the RRLD protocol. These ten animals include both vaccinated animal cell recipients (VACR) and mock-vaccinated animal cell recipients (MVACR). c) Peak viral loads for animals challenged by RRLD protocol or standard single 50,000 TCID50 challenge. d) Viral loads from RRLD and standard single 50,000 TCID50 challenge at 16-18 weeks postinfection. The high-dose challenge viral loads have been published in a previous manuscript [10].

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