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Figure 4

From: Cell-type specific requirements for thiol/disulfide exchange during HIV-1 entry and infection

Figure 4

Anti-PDI, but not anti-Thioredoxin mAbs inhibit HIV-1 infection in PM-1 T-cell line. A. PM-1 cells were pre-incubated for 1 h in RPMI-1640 containing the indicated concentrations of nonspecific mouse IgG, anti-PDI or anti-Trx mAbs prior to infection with HIV-1JR-FL Env pseudotyped, Luc reporter gene-encoding virus particles for 2.5 h in the presence of the different mAbs. After the infection period, cells were washed and further incubated for 48 h in RC-10 before being lysed with 0.5% Triton-X100 in PBS and Luc activity was measured. B, C. Following preincubation for 30 minutes with 5 mM DTNB, anti-PDI or anti-Trx mAbs, PM-1cells were infected with HIV-1ADA (panel B) or HIV-1LAV (panel C). After infection for 2 h in the presence of the aforementioned inhibitors, the PM-1 cells were washed and further incubated in RC-10 without DTNB or mAbs. Cell culture supernatants were collected every two days and cryopreserved before being evaluated for RT activity.

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