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Table 2 Summary table of the known relationships between eicosanoids and HIV in the CNS.

From: Interactions between prostaglandins, leukotrienes and HIV-1: Possible implications for the central nervous system

Exposure to Type of cells or mode of exposure Species Product Effect Mediated by Citation
gp120 intracerebral injection rat PGE2 neuronal apoptosis IL-1β 159, 160
gp120 intracerebral injection rat PGE2 neuronal apoptosis N/A 161
gp120 astrocytes human PGE2 neurotoxicity N/A 162
gp120 neurons human N/A neurotoxicity 5-LO/PGHS 172
Tat intracerebral injection mouse COX-2 Neuroinflammation NFKb 166
Tat tail vein injection mouse COX-2 BBB disruption N/A 165
LTs microglia human N/A HIV inhibition PKC unpublished
HIV-1 endothelial cells/macrophages human COX-2 Neuroinflammation IL-1b 150
  1. N/A: Non available data
  2. PGHS: prostaglandin H synthase