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Figure 5

From: Identification of interdependent variables that influence coreceptor switch in R5 SHIVSF162P3N-infected macaques

Figure 5

Enhanced macrophage infection accompanied by Env structural changes in R5 viruses evolving over time in macaques BT78, CC39 and DN57. The relationship between sCD4 sensitivity, binding of sgp120 to CD4-Ig, infectivity of primary macrophages (mΦ) (A), and neutralization susceptibility (B) of pseudoviruses bearing CCR5-using Envs amplified over time from BT78, CC39 and DN57 is shown. Data are representative of at least two independent experiments (error bars, s.d.). * above bars indicate differences in sCD4 sensitivity, CD4-Ig binding and susceptibility to agents and antibodies between the acute (w2) and the evolving R5 viruses that are statistically significant, * P<0.05 (Mann-Whitney U test).

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