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Genotypic variability and risk factors of hepatitis B virus in Western Siberia

In the study were included one group of acute hepatitis patients (1043 persons) of Barnaul's city hospital and four groups (500 persons in each group) of Novosibirsk’s oblast inhabitants: medical staff, patients drug abuse clinic, AIDS center’s patients, clinic patients applied for any disease. The frequency of HBsAg was: 3.6% in group of polyclinic patients, 5.4% of medical workers, 8.4% among drug abuse clinic’s patients, 35% of AIDS center’s patients and 36.5% of Barnaul’s patients. Genotypes distribution was as follows: Novosibirsk oblast - 168 isolates of genotype D, 3 isolates of genotype A and genotype 2 isolates – C. In Barnaul: genotype D - 72 isolates, genotype A - 1. In the groups of Novosibirsk oblast the highest risk to be infected revealed for drug users (OR = 6.75). The risk of seropositivity was increased among respondents who had more than 4 sexual partners during lifetime (OR = 2.23); who had sex with HBV patients (OR = 2.12); who spent at least one night at prison (OR=2.58). Risk factors also found for men (OR=1.85) and young people (OR=1.79) as those who are more inclined to risky behavior. The biggest risk factors in Barnaul were found among men who have sex with men (OR=8.79), person with >2 sexual partners in last 6 month especially in women (OR=5.15), those who >30 years (OR=4.51). High risk had person who had contacts with blood (OR=4.05). In Novosibirsk and Barnaul different medical operations such as surgery, blood transfusion, overall anesthesia weren't show itself as risk factors.

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Bayandin, R., Kochneva, G., Sivolobova, G. et al. Genotypic variability and risk factors of hepatitis B virus in Western Siberia. Retrovirology 8 (Suppl 1), A211 (2011).

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