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Figure 5

From: Decidual soluble factors participate in the control of HIV-1 infection at the maternofetal interface

Figure 5

Identification of β-chemokine-producing cells among decidual mononuclear cells. (A) Decidual mononuclear cells were cultured for 16 h with Brefeldin A then analyzed by flow cytometry, with gating on the main populations of decidual cells defined by their surface markers. Intracellular staining of CCL-3 and CCL-4 (blue) was analyzed in each cell population and compared to IgG staining (red). Staining for one representative donor is shown. (B) The mean fluorescence indexes (MFI) of β-chemokine staining were obtained for each cell population after subtracting the IgG MFI. All analyses used at least 4 different donors. Bars represent the mean MFI and error bars the SEM. (C) β-chemokines were measured in supernatants of purified dAPC and dNK cells after 3 days of culture, using 10 different donors for dAPC and 7 different donors for dNK. Bars represent the mean and error bars the SEM.

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