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Figure 1

From: Decidual soluble factors participate in the control of HIV-1 infection at the maternofetal interface

Figure 1

Characterization of decidual mononuclear cells by immunochemistry. Frozen decidua basalis sections were stained with Isotype matched Ig control (A), anti-CD34 (B), anti-Cytokeratin 7 (C), anti-CD14 (D), anti-CD56 (E) and anti-CD3 (F). Staining were visualized with diaminobenzidine (brown cells in B, D, E and F) or Vector red (red cells in C) chromogen and tissue sections were counterstained with haematoxylin. Images were taken at ×100 (A, B, C and E) or ×200 (D and F) magnification.

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