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Figure 7

From: A stabilized HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein trimer fused to CD40 ligand targets and activates dendritic cells

Figure 7

SOSIP.R6-IZ-CD40L induces cytokine secretion by DC. IL-6 (A), IL-10 (B), IL-12 (C) and TNF-α (D) levels in the supernatant of DC stimulated for 48 h with SOSIP.R6-IZ, SOSIP.R6-IZ-CD40L or control stimuli (white bars), or a combination of TNF-α/IL-1β and gp140-IZ, gp140-IZ-CD40L or control stimuli (black bars) were measured by ELISA. Data are representative for three independent experiments. Bars indicated are mean + SD.

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