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Figure 1

From: Tat RNA silencing suppressor activity contributes to perturbation of lymphocyte miRNA by HIV-1

Figure 1

Host miRNA expression levels were compared between HIV-1NL4-3, Vif/Vpr-deficient or Tat K51A RSS-deficient strains. CEMx174 lymphocytes were infected by co-culture with HIV-1NL4-3, HIV-1NL4-3 ΔVV that contains a premature stop codon in vif and frameshift in vpr, or HIV-1NL4-3 RSS that contains the K51A substitution that eliminates Tat RSS activity. Total cellular RNA was reverse transcribed and hybridized to miRNA microarray chips with two or three independent biological replicates to determine relative expression levels of 518 mature miRNA and 336 precursor miRNA that were monitored by 906 human miRNA probes spotted in duplicate [53].

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