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Figure 4

From: HIV-1 integrase modulates the interaction of the HIV-1 cellular cofactor LEDGF/p75 with chromatin

Figure 4

HIV-1 integrase promotes binding of LEDGF/p75 ΔPWWP to mitotic chromosomes. (a) Immunofluorescence analysis of LEDGF/p75-deficient cells stably expressing eGFP-tagged HIV-1 integrase and transiently transfected with FLAG-tagged LEDGF/p75 WT (panel ii) or ΔPWWP (panel i). LEDGF/p75 was detected with an anti-FLAG Mab, DAPI was used for detection of chromatin. (b) Integrase-to-chromatin tethering assay. LEDGF/p75-deficient HEK293T cells stably expressing eGFP-tagged integrase were transiently transfected with LEDGF/p75 WT (panel i) or the mutants ΔIBD (panel ii) and ΔPWWP (panel iii) and the subcellular distribution of eGFP-integrase determined by fluorescence microscopy analysis.

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