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Figure 7

From: Mutation of a diacidic motif in SIV-PBj Nef impairs T-cell activation and enteropathic disease

Figure 7

Kinetics of plasma cytokine levels and activation markers on T cells of infected macaques in vivo. (A and B) Serum levels of (A) IL-2 and (B) IL-6 in blood samples taken at different time-points p.i., determined by monkey IL-2 and IL-6 ELISA, respectively. (C to F) Analysis of cellular activation markers on T cells at peak day of symptoms (day 8 p.i.) was determined by FACS. Percentage of positive cells is indicated. (C) Fraction of CD69 expressing CD3+CD8+ T cells in the peripheral blood of PBj-wt or PBj-Nef202/203GG virus infected or uninfected macaques. Scattergram of individual animals, horizontal bars represents means. (D and E) CD69 surface expression on CD3+ T cells from lymphatic organs (mesenterial lymphnodes, LN mes; spleen) of PBj-wt virus infected macaque #6504 and PBj-Nef202/203GG virus infected macaque #267. (D) Dot blot FACS analysis of representative individuals. (E) CD69 determined on CD3+CD8+ gated lymphocytes. (F) CD25 on CD3+CD4+ cells from LN mes and spleen of infected macaques.

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