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Evaluation of the therapeutic educational consultations of patients infected by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

  • Jennifer Grangé1Email author,
  • Frederique Plassart1,
  • Philippe Genet1,
  • Tahar Touahri1 and
  • Jean-Michel Descoutures1
Retrovirology20107(Suppl 1):P78

Published: 11 May 2010


Human Immunodeficiency VirusInfectious DiseaseCancer ResearchViral ReproductionInfected Patient


The objective of this survey is to evaluate the satisfaction and feeling of HIV infected patients following weekly therapeutic educational consultations in the hematology department (Argenteuil hospital).


Consultations are managed by a pharmacist who receives patients individually (initiation of treatment, side effects, non-compliance). A survey was carried out by a junior pharmacist. It includes 15 items on which the patient gives his opinion. The questionnaire was validated and presented to the patients. All patients had at least 2 therapeutic educational consultations implemented the survey.


24 patients filled in the questionnaire over a 3 month period. 50% of them come from sub Saharan Africa.

Factors of improvement:

§ concerning the disease: Non-acceptance of the disease: 16,6%; non-understanding of the disease: 12,5%; non-understanding of the explanations on the viral reproduction: 20,9%; information does not fit to their expectations: 8,3%.

§ concerning the treatment (explanations, information, observance, motivation), evaluation and listening: no discord.

§ concerning the progress of consultations (rythm, the duration of waiting...), more than 90% of patients are satisfied.


An implementation of corrective measures is necessary:

§ to deal with the disease: to define clear objectives with the patients. A consultation with the psychologist must be proposed to all patients (multidisciplinary approach); the difficulties to understand the French language shows how our tools are not good enough or our vocabulary not adapted. It is necessary to develop an interactive process: creation of symptoms cards/decisions with pictures.

This survey shows that patients are satisfied with the consultations and underlines the importance to evaluate the need for modifying our professional practices.

Authors’ Affiliations

Victor Dupouy Hospital, Argenteuil, France


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