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Table 1

From: Our experience in second line Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART) At State Aids Clinical Expert Panel (SACEP) Clinic, Centre of Excellence (CoE), Art Centre, B. J. Medical College, Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad

Parameter Outcome
Total Patients referred to SACEP 127
Patients Eligible and referred for Plasma Viral Load (PVL) (n = 127) 122(96.06%)
Patients recommended 2nd Line ART after PVL (n = 122) 75(61.47%)
Patients initiated Free 2nd Line ART (n = 75) 69(92.0%)
Patients under follow up TB Treatment/Counseling to initiate 2nd Line ART 6
Adherence Counseling for 2nd Line ART Patients (n = 69) 69(100%)
Undetectable PVL (<400 copies/ml) after 6 months of 2nd Line ART (n = 28) 24
Therapeutic Success according to Undetectable PVL (24/28) 85.74%
No. of Death after initiation of 2nd Line ART (n = 69) 8(11.59%)
Death Analysis Cause of Death WHO Stage/PVL/CD4 n = 8
  Accidental T3/560459/17 1
  Renal Failure T3/208048/230 1
  Malignancy T4/384469/38 1
  Opportunistic Infections (OIs) T3/46453/67 4
  Unknown Reason T3/4095718/29 1