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Evaluation of immune response profiles of individuals with chronic Hepatitis C treated with interferon alpha and ribavirin, in the foundation of tropical medicine of Amazonas


The HCV is considered the main etiological agent involved in the hepatitis parenteral transmission. The most frequent genotypes in Brazil are 1, 2 and 3, and genotype 1b is the most frequent in blood donors. Data from the serological screening of the Foundation of Hematology and Hemotherapy of Amazonas (FHEMOAM) show that 0.32% of donors are seropositivity for anti-HCV. Some studies showed that 15 to 25% has good prognostic but 80% develops chronic hepatitis. The purpose study was to describe the clinical course and immunological profile of chronic infection by HCV in patients treated with interferon-alpha and ribavirin.


Clinical and laboratory evaluation, including viral genotype, viral load, and cellular and humoral immune response, during the first 24 weeks of therapy.


Partial results showed that genotype 1 (51.72%) is more prevalent in the Amazon, followed by 3 (31.03%) and 2 (17.24%). Significant changes of AST and ALT concentrations showed an increase in the 4 weeks of treatment. We observed a trend to increase cell populations in time 0 (pretreatment) to lymphocyte (63.3 ± 88.7), monocytes (10.6 ± 21.5), neutrophils (86.7 ± 126, 1), had not statistically significant difference. The analysis by flow cytometry showed an increase in total T cells and CD4 + in 4 weeks, returning to baseline at 12 and 24 weeks after treatment. Furthermore, there was a decrease of LTCD8 + in 12 and 24 weeks after treatment.


Partial results showed that HCV infection changes the profile of immune response in treated of patients with Interferon-alpha and ribavirin.

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