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Creating a supportive environment is very important to reduce STI, HIV/AIDS and infectious disease


The aim is to create a supportive environment for HIV, AIDS and STI prevention program among hotel based sex worker in Chittagong, Bangladesh through social mobilization.


With a view to achieve the aim we form a Project Facilitation Team (PFT). The member was selected as representatives from hotel owners, Chittagong City Corporation, the Department of Police, Department of Health, Social Workers, Media Professionals, Law enforcement agencies, Department of Women Affairs, Muslim religious leader and members from other NGO working in the city.


The Project Facilitation Team (PFT) member has been seating quarterly basis to review program progress. The PFT members advise and cooperate for reducing barriers and mobilizing social support for project activities take place. Especially they have been Facilitating regular contact with key stakeholders, including sex workers, member of law enforcement agencies, hotel owners and workers. As a result police is not harassing our Peer Educator and they are allowing to conduct the Behavior Change Communication (BCC) session at hotel and the hotel owner and hotel management are giving the free access to work with the sex worker in their hotel i.e. conduction of BCC session, distribution of condom and lubricant.


Formation and functioning of Project Facilitation Team is very effective to create a supportive environment for reducing the STI, HIV/AIDS and other infectious dissease because the members of the team can support the project's implementation with their local knowledge and influence. So, it can be a best model for other country.

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