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Men who have sex with men(MSM) and HIV epidemic in China: a web-based study on MSM

Retrovirology20107 (Suppl 1) :P103

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To explore MSM population's contribution to HIV epidemic in China through learning AIDS-related knowledge, attitude and behavior among the hidden population-MSM.


A web-based cross-sectional study on MSM population, recruiting Men who had sex with men in the previous 3 years in mainland of China through a variety of available ways, such as Internet, mass media etc. and collecting data by online questionnaires and in-depth interview through chat-software QQ or MSN.


A total of 5710 eligible participants from 30 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) except Tibet, and 97.2% aged between 18 and 44 yrs, 63.3% thinking that they are likely to be infected by HIV, and 88.7% knowing counseling hotline on HIV whereas only 8.1% of them dialed, and 59.8% knowing at least one site for HIV test whereas of which 40.1% did, and the number increasing year by year, and in the past 6 months,90.3% dating male partners via Internet, and 87.3% having sex with men and 18.1% with both men and women and 12.8% reporting STD-related symptoms. Of 5442 participants, 99.6% told one could be infected HIV through anal sex with HIV cases and 90.3% through oral sex, and 95.0% knew it was more easily infected HIV having unprotected sex with more men. Among 4916 participants who had sex with men, 67.2% had more than one male partner. The proportions of 100% condom use when having anal sex with fixed partners, occasional partners, Money-Boys and customers in the past 6 months were 30.0%, 42.7%, 66.7%, 57.9%, respectively; when having oral sex were 7.0%, 8.8%, 6.2%, 4.4%, respectively. The proportion of 100% using waterbased lubricants was 45.8%.


Most of MSM are at risk for HIV/STD infection. With increasing HIV prevalence in MSM population, MSM population would make a strong impact on HIV epidemic in China.

Authors’ Affiliations

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Beijing, PR China
Peking Union Medical College, Beijing, PR China


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