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Table 2 Viral gag sequences in macaque R01-007 infected with SIVmac239a

From: A structural constraint for functional interaction between N-terminal and C-terminal domains in simian immunodeficiency virus capsid proteins

Wks after challenge Amino acid sequencesb
  at 205th at 216th at 340th
123 D S V
137 D (E) S (L) V (M)
150 E L M
  1. aViral RNAs were extracted from plasma obtained from a 90-120-Ia-positive macaque R01-007 at weeks 123, 137, and 150 after SIVmac239 challenge. Viral gag fragments were amplified by RT-PCR from viral RNAs and then sequenced. This animal showed efficient Gag206-216-specific CTL responses and vaccine-based control of a SIVmac239 challenge with rapid selection of the GagL216S escape mutation (at week 5), but accumulated viral mutations in the chronic phase, leading to reappearance of plasma viremia around week 60 after challenge as described previously [19, 35].
  2. bDominant amino acid sequences at the 205th, 216th, and 340th aa in Gag are shown. Parentheses indicate the sequences that are not dominant but detectable.