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Figure 6

From: Subtype-associated differences in HIV-1 reverse transcription affect the viral replication

Figure 6

The presence of RT polymerase domain from HIV-1 subtype C leads to decreased cDNA accumulation in reverse transcription complexes. Accumulation of strong-stop (A and C) and positive-strand (B and D) viral DNA in RTCs isolated at 1 and 5 h p.i. Sup-T1 cells were synchronously infected with MLV Env-pseudotyped backbone NL4-3 or chimeric NLpolL(1084) (A and B), and backbone HIV1084i or chimeric 1084polL(NL) viruses (C and D). RTCs were purified from cell lysates. DNA was isolated from RTCs and subjected to quantitative real-time PCR. Levels of cDNA are shown as percentages of the maximal accumulation detected for strong-stop cDNA in RTCs. Error bars show the standard deviation from three independent viral preparations.

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