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Figure 1

From: Subtype-associated differences in HIV-1 reverse transcription affect the viral replication

Figure 1

Comparison of RT sequences of experimental subtype B and C isolates. All sequences of polymerase domain (AA residues 1-315) (A), connection (AA residues 316-437) and RNase H (AA residues 438-560) domains (B) are aligned with HIV-1 subtype B consensus (upper line). Functionally important RT regions are indicated by the colored boxes: grey - conservative regions: K65, R72 - coordinate triphosphate moiety of dNTPs; LPQG (149-152) - provide proper positioning of incoming dNTPs; LWMGYELH (228-235) - polymerase primer grip; GAH (359-361) - RNase H primer grip; pink - YMDD box: residues 183-186, essential for polymerase activity of RT; orange - catalytic Asp (polymerase and RNase H domains) and Glu (RNase H) residues; yellow - areas of high variability within subtypes. All conservative regions are indicated according to Coté and Roth, 2008 [25].

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