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Figure 5

From: An N-terminally truncated envelope protein encoded by a human endogenous retrovirus W locus on chromosome Xq22.3

Figure 5

Reconstituted full-length Xq22.3 Env is not cleaved into SU and TM domains. Protein lysates of HeLa cells transfected with Xq22.3 Env FLĪ”Stop or Syncytin-1 were analyzed by immunoblot using the anti-Xq22.3 Env pAb as primary antibody, which recognizes the C-terminus of the TM region of Xq22.3 Env and Syncytin-1 (see Figure 2B and text). To confirm the specificity of observed bands, the Xq22.3 pAb was preadsorbed with either TrpE alone or TrpE fused to the C-terminal amino acid fragment of Xq22.3 Env which was used for generation of the anti-Xq22.3 Env pAb.

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