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Archived Comments for: Analysis of LEDGF/p75 expression regulation

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    Paule Morbois, none

    21 January 2011

    If I may ask a question with regard to your article.
    May I ask why you have cloned a region 5kb upstream to the transcription start site (ATG) and not directly at the start site?
    Do you think you would have found similar results would you have repeated the experiment directly at the start site (ATG)with perhaps less divergences (enhancers and silencers)and so localizing their origins and effect on the latter binding sites.
    May I aslo ask what other results you found on other regions of DNA tested or/and if the other regions tested correlated with the results noted on this analysis. Was the activity of the luciferase activity greater or lesser and if so in which part of the cloned region, was the luciferase activity enhanced by its location on the cloned region, closer or further away from the start (ATG) and what enhanced or decreased this activity.

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