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Figure 5

From: Analysis of transcribed human endogenous retrovirus W env loci clarifies the origin of multiple sclerosis-associated retrovirus envsequences

Figure 5

Relative cloning frequencies of transcriptionally active HERV-W env loci in human PBMC from patients with MS and healthy controls. Relative cloning frequencies were calculated for recombined and non-recombined clones together (n = 332 sequences, originating from 471 transcripts [see text and Table 2]). The box represents the mean, and the whiskers represent the minimum and maximum of the relative cloning frequencies of cDNAs from individual HERV-W env elements for the groups of patients with MS (n = 4) and healthy controls (n = 4). There were no statistically significant differences between patients and controls (p > 0.05; two-tailed Fisher's exact test).

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