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Table 4 Transfer rates of PFV vector (KG84) and SFVmac vector (EGFPD) viruses on HT1080 fibroblastoid cells after cross-packaging with homologous and heterologous FV gag pol proteins.

From: Accuracy estimation of foamy virus genome copying

vectors and packaging systems EGFP-positive target cells Cross-packaging efficiency
PFV gag pol + 51,3% ---
PFV vector   
PFV gag pol + 13,5% 26,4%
SFVmac vector   
SFVmac gag pol + 19,3% ---
SFVmac vector   
SFVmac gag pol + 6,4% 33,3%
PFV vector   
  1. Vectors were packaged together with the indicated packaging proteins in 293T cells. Supernatants from packaging cells were used for transduction of HT1080 cells. Transduction rates were measured by detection of EGFP by flow cytometry. The cross-packaging efficiency is calculated from the ratio of EGFP-positive cells of the heterologous system versus the homologous system (e.g. 26.4% = 13.5%/51.3%).