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Figure 3

From: The V1-V3 region of a brain-derived HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein determines macrophage tropism, low CD4 dependence, increased fusogenicity and altered sensitivity to entry inhibitors

Figure 3

Fusogenicity of wild-type, chimeric and mutant Env. Cell-to-cell fusion assays of Env-expressing effector QT6 cells and target QT6 cells transiently transfected for the expression of high levels of CD4 and CCR5 were performed to test fusogenicity. Co-culture of effector and target cells for 30–420 minutes showed that BR, BR(N283T), BS and Bv1v3 fused more efficiently than SPL, SPL(T283N) and SB, while Bv1v2, DS17, DS17(N283T) and BaL showed an intermediate phenotype. Data shown is the average background-subtracted, actual relative light units (RLU) per second from 3 independent experiments.

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